Jack Ehrbar

/'er -,'bar/

Following his education at Bard College and the School of Visual Arts in NY, Jack went on to begin his career as a commercial editor and animator for Avekta Productions, where he edited local New York area broadcast commercials, independent documentaries and industrial films for clients such as Dentsu Worldwide and JVC. In 2001, he took the CG director/surpervisor position for IDT Entertainment, where he developed and directed fully CG programming for Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Pizza. He also worked in development on the feature films "Happily N'Ever After" and "Everybody's Hero". In 2005 he left IDT to form Millions of Tiny Robots, Ltd, a boutique commercial animation studio focusing on print and broadcast photo-real rendering and animation. In their first year, Jack and his partners co-directed fully animated broadcast spots for Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and Windstream Communications. Jack joined thelab in 2008, bringing his crew from MotR along with him, establishing their CG department. He joined the creative team at thelab in the end of 2009, where he worked to help develop the pitch which won them the Cadillac campaign. He worked as CG Director and Art director on the Cadillac campaign for the length of the lab's involvement. Jack worked as Creative Director for the CG and Motion Graphics department at the lab through 2011, directing and overseeing web, broadcast and print projects for Verizon Droid, Clinique, Lincoln, and Kia, among others. His interests include robots and peaty single malt scotch.